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Believe or not but the nascent Bleeding Heart that was growing last week in my compost heap has grown into a mature plant, large and bushy and the lilac bush is still blooming in the interior of the bush while being surrounded by the outer dying branches. It is such a hoot, I am in constant admiration of the power that Mother Nature has within her grasp and shows us everyday. Normally I wouldn’t be that amazed but we have had several nights that have hovered around 39 degrees and these two plants don’t emerge for those kind of temperatures so to see them still thriving is seriously cool.






I’m curious to see what pops up next year at springtime in the compost heap, if I’ll get even more Bleeding Hearts and how the Lilac bush in the back will come back and if I will get two blooming seasons again. All of this makes me curious and already looking forward to next spring, it’s going to be a long winter, waiting for my curiosity to be appeased.