You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate?

Whenever anyone one of us gets good news, we celebrate it as a family or at least we try to and the celebration always involves food. We either celebrate by going out depending where we are; if we are up here we will tend to go to the sushi restaurant in Westfield called K's or if by some chance we are in Boston together, we could go any which way in terms of cuisine.

Or if I am feeling up to snuff, then I do take requests for whatever the celebratory person has in mind as a delectable delight, be it sweet or savory. Celebrations are enhanced in my mind by food or at least the special quality of great dishes, those dishes that have been prepared with great care and love.

A birthday celebration is coming soon, the baby boy's so I wonder what kind of menu he will be asking for to celebrate his special day. I am sure that he will put in a good deal of thought since he prides himself on his savory palette. I will be fun I'm sure.

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