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Yes I have a complaint. I do my best to not complain because there are way too many people in this world who live very difficult lives and I am blessed with everything that my family and I have, including Jack. My complaint is that it is getting dark earlier already, Nooooooooooooooo. One of the best pasts of spring and summer is the extended days that we get to enjoy and it is way too early to start seeing the decrease in daytime hours. It is starting to feel like hibernation time, I’m not ready!!!!!

I love thinking about baking pumpkin and apple pies, I love thinking about making butternut squash soups, broccoli soups and potato and leek soups. The prospect of stews and using my slow cooker is making my mouth water, all these things are very welcome. I just wish that I wouldn’t be making these in a twilight setting.

So yes in the grand scheme of things, my complaint is pretty laughable, but in my defense I have noticed that I am prone to depression when daylight becomes scarce. I definitely do fall victim to the winter blues, and even though I try to fight against it by not dwelling on the darkness and dismal days, that is when baking and cooking come into play, it is hard to keep myself upbeat for months at a time, the earlier nightfall comes week after week. For those who don’t experience depression, it’s more than just keeping a stiff upper lip or getting over it, there are a few strategies that work to help combat depression but sometimes those are just not enough. For me my surrounding environment plays a part and that is why I do dread the coming months of early night.

I am going to use WordPress to keep myself occupied and distracted by other people’s writing and stories, along with my baking and cooking, (sniff, sniff no more gardening). So that is my complaint, nothing earth shattering which in and of itself is a good thing, but a complaint nevertheless.