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I figured I’d post a few last pictures of Miami since my hubby and I will be in transit for much of the afternoon. It has been very nice to visit Miami these past few trips but if our baby girl weren’t here, I would probably not come back. Miami is far too hot and humid for my personal comfort and it isn’t a walkable city so that is a big negative in my book of preferences, I also don’t feel as safe here as I do in New York or in Boston. There is way too much poverty and you feel the desperation in the air, not of course where we were staying near the bay but not too much further inwards towards the Brickell area, where we walked for a little bit, my hubby told the baby girl and I to stay towards the left of him or to stay near his right. The state of affairs in Miami is a result of a lack of public policy and Florida is a very republican state, its governor Rick Scott was one of the first to refuse to expand Medicaid to accommodate the new Affordable Care Act or Obamacare and he also signed into law very restrictive voter identification laws.

So politically Miami isn’t quite my cup of tea, but for young people, rich people, fun loving and party going people, then Miami can be a lot of fun. The night life is amazing, there are tons of restaurants featuring every cuisine imaginable and the night clubs seem to be so much fun with their rich latin music and their very sexy dance moves. I would categorize Miami as a very young and hip city, I am youngish, but I am definitely not hip and I am pretty sure that I was never hip even when I was young and single. I just don’t roll that way.lol. Our baby girl loves it here at the University and that is all that counts for me, she is definitely of the young and hip crowd, unlike her fuddy-duddy Maman. 🙂