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How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

Clothes are very important for a variety of reasons. In my opinion clothes first and foremost cover up and protect the body from the elements, they also provide privacy from others. These are the two most basic reasons for clothes, yet clothes provide even more than that to so many people. What is the saying? Clothes make the man? There is something enticing about a man in a well tailored suit, with a beautiful colored dress shirt and a strong pattern in the tie. The suit should also be of an elegant fabric, a fabric that hangs well on the body.

I love clothes on others, I especially love architectural designs that I see at the fashion shows when the House of Chanel unveils its creations. I also appreciate Victoria Beckham as a designer, I love strong lines and structured shapes. Hermes is another fashion house that has my attention each time I see a clip of their shows.

Having said all this, for myself, clothes aren’t important in the sense that I dress for fashion. I dress for comfort, to look neat and tidy and to be warm. I don’t have the eye necessary to figure out what suits me and what makes me look attractive. I am too judgmental on myself so when I am in the dressing room, I don’t see the good points to an outfit, I see that it makes my legs look fat, or the pants on too snug even if they aren’t, I say snug when they are fitted and should be, this constant drone in my head when I have to go clothes shopping makes shopping a huge chore. That is why I consider myself the luckiest lady in the world because my hubby loves shopping and he especially loves to buy me nice clothes. Which helps me very much because when he takes me with him to a client’s dinner, I can go feeling comfortable in the knowledge that I am wearing a pretty dress that he picked out and I look pretty in his eyes.