What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

Isn't it funny how everything is relative? One person's necessities could be someone's luxury, an example could be manicures. I for one would put it in the luxury column, where friends of mine would be it under the necessity column. I consider manicures to be a luxury because a I don't care about long nails, mail polish or pretty designs on my nails. I am much more of a tomboy that way.

I guess television would be considered a luxury by some and a necessity by others , I consider it close to a luxury these days, with the price of satellite t.v or even cable t.v., a monthly bill over 100 dollars nowadays can be deemed a luxury as well as a necessity. My friends who follow my blog know just how much I love my t.v. I have rediscovered Farscape and John Cricton and Aeryn Sun, I am looking forward to a new season of Ripper Street and I have been ecstatic with the new season of Bones, I adore Bones and Booth, they are so in love, it warms my heart. So yes television is one of my luxuries.

I don't really think about luxuries, well I suppose an excellent restaurant would be one, but I have been spoiled for so long with all of the business dinners that my hubby brings me to so that I hardly ever think of the price. Staying at hotels would be another luxury but since that too is covered by my hubby's business expenses, I don't consider it a luxury, rather more a necessity since we are always happier at home.

I suppose getting my hair cut and colored could be counted as a luxury and that is certainly one that I would not want to live without only because it makes me feel so good.

Luxury, necessity as long as it makes you feel great about it, isn't that what counts?

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