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For a small town like Blandford, we are very lucky to have such a lovely park as Watson Park. The Park’s benefactor was Doctor Watson who was a member of the Blandford Historical Society and left a sizable trust to the town designated solely for the upkeep and maintenance of the park for future generations. Our current groundskeeper, Doug, takes his duties very seriously and keeps the park very nicely groomed and trimmed.

I walked to the park to take pictures of what makes New England such a tourist lure, the changing foliage.





As I walked up the hill and to the gazebo, I was a little surprised that I got prettier pictures from midway up the hill, than the very top or even from the gazebo itself. It goes to show that I have a lot to learn with perspective and camera angles, the light was nice and I like the way the sun was hitting the colors, especially the golds and the reds. The air is starting to smell different as well, a certain crispness is developing and getting stronger day by day, it is very enjoyable because the temperatures are still on the warmish side. I have just been getting a hankering for apples and pears, the crisp air translates perfectly to apple and pear weather.