Tell us a story — fiction or non-fiction — with a twist we can’t see coming.

Once upon a time, there lived a small dog called Jack who lived with his family in a big white house and a fenced in backyard in a small town called Blandford. He loved his family, especially his mommy, her lap was nice and warm and she fed him really good food. His daddy gave hime all the things that his mommy didn't, like licks from popsicles, small bites of mashed potatoes and sometimes a little roast beef. Jack loved his house, he had all the rooms to run around in and there were chairs and beds near windows so that he can look out the window and guard his family and his house. The best was the backyard, it was as big as a forest on one side and the other side looked like a jungle and there was plenty to hunt.

Just when Jack thought that his paradise was forever, his family was looking to pick up and move to another place, a place called Boston. Jack didn't understand what all this talk was about, if Boston was today or five years from now. He just felt the difference in how mommy smelled and felt when daddy talked about Boston. Mommy didn't smell scared, she smelled something that was new and Jack didn't understand the smell. Daddy smelled full of energy, that was how daddy always smelled. Mommy smelled calm except when daddy said Boston and that is when mommy feels different. Jack worried, he didn't like it when he couldn't read his mommy. He wasn't worried for him because mommy hugged him and took care of him the same as always, she just smelled different sometimes, that was all.

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