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I’m watching Friday night’s episode of “Hell on Wheels” shown on AMC. This is the third season so the year is 1867, it’s after the Civil War and documenting the development of the railroad heading out West. As a lady and living in the 21st century I am thankful that I wasn’t born during those times or in that setting. Pioneer life is not the life for me. The determination of these folks amidst the dangers, the difficulties and uncertainty of daily life is admirable and humbling. I am very interested in the character development of the women, the roles are very well written, there isn’t anyone who is one-dimensional or a caricature, we see the presence of prostitutes, pastors wives living side by side and when the struggles of daily existence get to be overwhelming, how the two come together discreetly to work it out. The gradual recognition that not everything is black and white and that judgement should not be handed down so easily as candy, comes through in most episodes. I am thankful for my 21st century life with plumbing and fresh water. That has been an ongoing thread of my blogging, the importance that I place on good plumbing, I might be able to handle anything else during those pioneer days except for outhouses and foul water.