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Today being Friday, it was weight class day and the ladies were in rare form. I don’t know what put those bees in their bonnets but they were a swarming, the ladies were lashing out about corrupt politicians, cheating politicians, ineffectual politicians and so on. I kept my mouth zipped tight, I just led the class with our exercises and hoped for a change in the subject. I believe in letting them blow off their steam because perhaps they can’t do it at home. I was happy when it was over because I had food shopping to do once I dropped my friend off at her home. But first I headed home to get my list and take Jack for his walk, also eat something before I hit the supermarket, the worst thing that you can do to yourself and to your wallet is to go food shopping when you are really hungry.

The baby boy asked for rillettes de saumon, in English it would be a salmon spread. Rillettes is usually associated with meat and the meat is cooked in its own fat, diced until it is a homogeneous mixture, like a pate and spread on a good French bread. The basic idea to rillette lends itself this recipe where the salmon is blended with a fat after it is cooked by poaching and smoking, in this case it’s butter and both salmons are cooked in different ways but it all works well together and it is one of the baby boy’s favorite things to eat. Throw in a little salt and pepper with a nice amount of chives and lemon juice to give it a little zing and you have a wonderful hors d’oeuvres or canape. I think that when the baby boy comes home from work, he will be happy.