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One of my household projects that I have been neglecting over the past few years because other things get in the way like baking, cooking, gardening and blogging, is getting all of our pictures into the empty photo albums that I got for Christmas quite a few years ago, hint, hint. I don’t know why I kept putting it off or even just forgetting about it because once I started, it was a lot of fun, going through time with the pictures. I was reminded that my hubby can’t take a bad picture, he is as handsome now as he was back then and always extremely photogenic. Don’t get me started on the babies; the smiles and the laughter at birthday parties, Christmas mornings and all of the family vacations, the pictures made me smile and linger, I spent a long time putting them into the photo albums.

What I had forgotten is how young I looked when I had my son, I couldn’t resist taking a picture to show my friends. The picture also reminded me how overwhelmed I felt when my baby boy and I came home from the hospital. Don’t get me wrong, my hubby was absolutely wonderful, he was amazing with the diaper changing, the bath time and getting up in the middle of the night to get our baby boy so that I can feed him, I was still having a hard time walking after the birth. However, when my parents brought us home, the three of us, I was looking for any reason to keep them with us, the thought of having our baby and me being responsible for him was scary. Which is why I said that my hubby was amazing, he more than helped me with the physical part, he helped me with the emotional part as well. I did get over it and as any mother will attest, I feel head over heels in love with our baby boy, we were together all the time, he was attached to me for the first year of his life and I loved it. I went back to work for the second year and he went to day school, an excellent day school, but I missed him so much.


This picture was taken at my mother-in-law’s house around Christmas time of 1991, so that makes him 8 weeks old in the picture and I was all of 24. I think that I look like a baby having a baby, and I don’t think that I am too far off from the characterization. If memory serves me correctly, it almost felt like playing house for the first few months, my hubby and I had just celebrated our first year anniversary so all this marriage and baby business was brand spanking new to me.

This year in November, my hubby and I will be celebrating 23 years of marriage and at the end of October the baby boy will be celebrating his 22nd birthday, time has gone by so quickly, it astounds the mind sometimes.