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Today I was having the pool closed for winter, so this morning I was busy skimming it for the last time and then draining it just under the skim basket line. As I was walking back and forth, doing this and that and moving a few hoses, out of the corner of my eye, there was an odd color in the middle of the huge Lilac bush in the corner off of the pool. Lilacs are way out of season and now is the time when they start shedding their leaves, getting ready for winter dormancy, this is why I was puzzled by what my peripheral vision had seen.

I walked over to the bush and lo and behold there are new blooms in the interior of the bush, surrounded by the normal looking branches that are losing their leaves as they should. Did I mention that it has been chilly overnight these past three nights, it has registered a chilly 39 degrees, not conducive to Lilac blooming, it is so weird.

I am not complaining, seeing this new growth on something that is getting ready to say good night is very exciting and the expression of hope and life. I had just written a post “Nature always finds a way” speaking about a Bleeding Heart, another springtime plant, sprouting and blooming in my compost pile and now my Lilac bush is making new blooms. I love Mother Nature and this is exactly why I love gardening so much, you never know anything because whatever you think that you know, you experience something that is the opposite of what you knew or thought you knew.