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I took these pictures to show how my garden looks when it is spent of all of its energy and flowers. I have slowly, over the past weeks, been gardenkeeping, cutting back and clearing up the little individual garden beds to prepare for the coming change of seasons. I figure may as well do some now, rather than let it all die back willy nilly. I write this post with a heavy heart, I so hate seeing my gardens die back, I know that it is all in part of the circle of life, but I lament the loss of color and the dance between the butterflies and the dragonflies.








I did forget about the burst of color that the Mandeville is still producing, alas pretty soon when I have to bring it in, along with the bougainvillea and the hibiscus, those beautiful blossoms will be no longer and I will be lucky if the Mandeville hangs onto its leaves. But as I said before, it is a circle of life and without the dark days of winter, would I experience the rebirth of spring as strongly?