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Last week it was 95 and 88 degrees and today we are at 60, barely. I am not quite ready to let go of tee-shirts, Khaki pants, cropped pants and going around Jacket free. I don’t want to bring in my summer plants just yet, I know that they are much happier outside. I am ready to close down the pool, I have had my fill of vacuuming, skimming, siphoning excess water and every other chore associated with a clean pool. Everything else about summer, I would very much like to hang onto summer for a good month longer.

Apples are back in season, I am looking forward to eating some Honey Crisp apples and baking a few nice apple tartes made with Granny Smith apples. Last night since it was chilly, I put in a pork tenderloin and it was really nice to have the wonderful smells of roasting pork, thyme and hearing the sizzle of caramelizing pork fat making a nice crust. The whole downstairs smelled warm and inviting. That is the saving grace of chilly nights, a perfect excuse for turning on a hot oven and roasting chickens, roast beef, and roasted vegetables.

Other than the wonderful food possibilities, there isn’t a whole lot to look forward to with temperatures on the decline. With several months of being cold, I’m glad to have Jack to cuddle with, between Jack and my hubby, I should be nice and toasty.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain about the falling leaves, I should be concentrating on the upcoming show of beauty that our trees in New England will be offering up in the next few weeks. The magnificent reds, yellows and oranges all around mingling with that unique fresh, crisp smell of autumn air makes this part of the world a mecca for a lot of tourists and I live here, I need to remember that, so that I don’t take the daily show of nature’s gift for granted.