You are receiving an award –- either one that already exists, or a new one created just for you. What would the award be, why are you being honored, and what would you say in your acceptance speech?

I have received awards before, when I was in school and it was always very exciting. They never required any speeches, they were handed out at graduation for the excellent work in whichever subject matter; French, History and all around excellence. This acknowledgements meant a great deal to me because they were a validation of the hard work that I put into school and these awards recognized my abilities and my determination.

These days I wouldn't even pretend to award myself with anything, I haven't done anything, written anything or really accomplished anything to write home about. I might have spoken a little too soon, the fresh peach pie that I had made sometime last week could have been a contender in a pie contest and according to the baby boy, my frittatas could be contenders as well for a contest. So if they gave awards on baking or cooking, and I won, I know who I would thank; I would thank my parents for instilling in me a love of cooking and baking, I would thank my hubby for always being supportive in whatever I do and I would thank my two babies for always eating what I made for them without any complaint whatsoever.

Awards are wonderful but I don't really need one; the ones that I had received, I don't even know where they are, I try to do things to the best of my ability at the time and that is enough for me. As long as I sincerely made the effort and I didn't shortchange myself, I am satisfied. I am my own biggest critic, not necessarily my biggest fan, only my biggest critic and that is something that I seriously need to work on because everyone should be their own fan and be in their own corner. I would like to know what that feels like one day and it is something that I intend to discover eventually. 🙂

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