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All this travel over the past few days left the refrigerator more or less empty and I was too tired to go out and do some proper food shopping. I walked down the road to an acquaintance’s vegetable stand and I bought myself zucchini and radishes but that was all she had, this summer hasn’t been kind to her garden, the weather was off; either too hot and dry or too cool and wet. The zucchini was perfect for me but what to make for the menfolk?

This is where the frittata comes in handy, I had left over ham and Swiss cheese, coupled with a generous helping of minced garlic and chopped onion, the chives from out back and thyme as well, add that to ten eggs with some Pecorino cheese, salt and pepper and hooray! Dinner is served.

My baby boy loved it, he is easy to cook for,as is my baby girl, she would have loved it as well. I miss her, sniff, sniff.

That’s all I got, I’m a little frustrated, the red, burning rash with bumps is back on my rib cage from last summer and the summer before that. The first time I had it, the doctor said it was the Shingles but how can it be Shingles again, the same spot and now it is the third time that I am dealing with it, weird. I am going to take it easy and not move for the next several days, this is why frittata’s are so great, barely any work to make and everyone is happy.