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I got carried away by the musical Wicked and the fantastic meal we had eaten at Bistro du Midi, that I forgot to share the pictures that I had taken of Boston while I was walking around that Saturday morning. Today I am back in New York at my mother’s house, waiting for my hubby while he is doing work out on Long Island and I went for a walk towards the park and while I was walking, I kept going back to the same thought, that eventually I would like to move permanently to Boston. I really love it there, I will always come back just as often to my mother’s house to visit, but in terms of a semi-permanent residence until retirement, Boston is definitely the city of my choice. No more commuting for my hubby, we can have a simple one or two bedroom apartment, two bedroom if the babies need to visit us for a while and Jack would be happy in Boston, it is quieter than New York and Boston has many nice parks.







These are just musings off the top of my head, I really liked my pictures and especially the blue sky that day, it provided the perfect backdrop to everything that I was looking at from behind my cellphone.