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This weekend was a very stressful weekend, we spent it at the hospital once again. Last weekend, we were there due to my hubby’s dire and excruciating lower back pain. The good doctors did everything that they could and gave him the necessary medications and sent us home. He was still in pain during the week but it was manageable.

Friday night my hubby and I were laughing while watching a show similar to America’s Funniest Home Videos and then at 3:00 in the morning my hubby woke up with an insanely acute pain in his chest that we immediately left for the emergency room. Once we arrived they took him in immediately and were able to reassure us that he wasn’t suffering from a heart attack, but the pain wouldn’t go away, he said it felt as if his lungs were being constricted and trying to breath made his pain in the heart area unbearable. At this point they were doing EKG’s and he was strapped onto the monitors, the nurses were so wonderful and the emergency room doctor was very considerate. At one point, I was sitting in the chair and my forehead was pressed against the wall sleeping, he had been given fairly high doses of morphine so he was dozing. We were awakened by the doctor and he informed us that my hubby had been admitted because his pain was extremely worrisome and they had to find out what was going on, so my hubby was being wheeled and I was following on foot.

I know that I wrote my usual posts yesterday, but I knew that, even as I was writing them, I was distracted and really not in the best frame of mind to be writing. But that was then and the news that we eventually found out was good.

As soon as my hubby was installed in his new bed and the proper equipment was reattached to his sticky things on his chest and along his sides, I sat down in the chair at the foot of his bed. I ordered breakfast for him but he couldn’t eat it, all he wanted were liquids, he was incredibly parched. I ate the breakfast. He did make room for me in the bed and I fell instantly to sleep. When I woke up my hubby was smiling and he said that each time a nurse came in, she would say how cute we looked in bed together with me sleeping away. His first doctor came in, but he was a kidney specialist, a good one I have to say because he immediately had a game plan as to how he was going to figure out what the cause of the pain was and he brought in a cardiologist, a guy originally from New Jersey. My hubby renamed him Doctor Broelson because after their last meeting today before leaving the hospital, I said that my hubby and the cardiologist were embarking on a serious Bromance, they had so much in common, primarily the New York tri-state area bond. My hubby’s new cardiologist figured very quickly the cause of the pain was an inflammation of the sac that holds the heart in place. His condition is called pericardiotitus and with the proper course of treatment, the inflammation goes away.

The cardiologist and my hubby hit it on so well and he took pity on me squeezing into the side of the bed, that he had us transferred to another wing of the hospital since my hubby had to stay another night. I went home to get more clothes and my own medicine since I was spending the night with him at the hospital. When I came back, I went on a long journey through the huge hospital until I found my hubby and he turned to me and said “see honey I got us upgraded to a suite” “How many people do you know who can say that they have been upgraded in a hospital?” He was right, compared to the other room, this was indeed very similar to a hotel suite. There was his bed, a flat screen t.v , an incredible lounging chair, a couch that turned into a bed and a large bathroom with a shower. I can see getting better much more quickly in this ambience.

At one point my hubby got a glance of his chart and he read “A delightful 53 year old man came presenting symptoms of labored breath and intense pain in the chest area” He was absolutely tickled by this, he told myself and the nurse that no one ever calls him delightful and the nurse told him that she thought he was a delightful patient. His cardiologist came in shortly afterwards and my hubby mentioned it and the cardiologist said impishly that he may have had a hand in those notes. Like I said, there is a bromance going on with those two, which I am very happy about, there can’t be a better friend than an excellent cardiologist after all. He also allowed my hubby to go home because with the proper medication his inflammation went down remarkably quickly. So as long as he takes his medicine faithfully at the right times, this episode should be the one and only.

What a weekend I tell you. I am for one relieved that my hubby is fine and on the mend.