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Last night I had zero inspiration for dinner, I hate it when that happens, my hubby called and kindly informed me what was circling his brain in reference to din-din. He was craving quinoa with a pilaf twist to it and we had all of the ingredients right there at my disposal, so no problem, off to the chopping block I went. Now making quinoa is beautifully easy, heat water to boil, put quinoa in, cover and simmer for twelve minutes, fluff, shut off the heat and let stand for five minutes, all this easiness and plus it is a grain that is a complete protein, what can be better than that? The pilaf part was more labor intensive, chopping into small dice; carrots, celery, red pepper, yellow pepper, orange pepper, two vidalia onions and six cloves of garlic, crushed and minced. Once everything was diced, the easy part was sautéing it until everything was nicely caramelized and incorporating the vegetables into the quinoa. This was a hit last night, but the two men in my life were saying that it lacked a certain carnivorous quality.

Tonight the lack of meat was rectified with sausage. Sausage, like bacon, makes everything tastes better, at least in my book. I must say that leftovers are such a wonderful thing, even if you have to tweak it a little bit, the tweaking never takes too long and everyone is happy once again, fed and satiated.