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Everyone has a favorite pizza place, mine has always been Frankie’s pizzeria on 31st between 23rd Ave and Ditmars Blvd. I remember eating there as far back as when I was five years old, I think, I remember a slice being 20 cents. This being New York City, there isn’t a shortage of “best” slices of pizza, I found mine a long time ago, not too far from my house. My hubby actually has come around to admitting that Frankie’s is his favorite as well. I love all of the pizza’s elements, the pizza crust which is a thin crust, nice and chewy and with a nice crunch at the same time, the tomato sauce is well flavored and they don’t go overboard with the cheese so that you can taste the sauce. The balance between the components is what defines this pizza and makes it the best in my book.

On the other hand I do prefer eating my own pizza that I make at home because my slices don’t sit as heavily as Frankie’s, my pizza crust is thinner and with the sliced onions, excellent Cento tomato sauce that I have found and the combination of fresh mozzarella and regular mozzarella, it seems that you can eat it without it going to your hips, lol.

Regardless, pizza is a wonderful food, I have never considered it to be “junk food”, it is simply bread, tomato sauce and cheese. I love it, it’s a finger food and fun to eat, albeit I always seem to eat it and drip it on me. I am gradually getting to a place where I have to accept that I need to break out the bib, the adult bib in my case. Sad I know, but my shirts and blouses are getting stained way too often these days.