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Sniff, sniff, my garden is starting to show signs of fatigue and getting ready to fall back into Mother Earth to go to sleep. The colors are fading and the blossoms are getting droopy, the stalks that hold up the beautiful flowers are getting unsteady on their feet. Seeing this brings many thoughts to my mind, I already mourn the passing of summer, I can already envision new plantings next spring, I am plotting to change the face of two of my gardens by thinning out quite a bit of the ground cover that has gotten slightly out of control. Gardening means work that is never done and I like it that way, my gardens are living and breathing organisms that don’t mind change too much as long as it is gently done.







I’m also worrying about how my plants are going to hold up this winter, such as my lavender for example, if this coming winter is going to be as bad as last winter, then I am going to have to get a lot more mulch to keep everyone safe from heavy duty frost.

Even thinking excitedly about next summer gets me a little down because time is going fast enough on its own and me looking forward to another blooming season just speeds up the process and who needs time speeding by even quicker, I surely don’t.

On a happier note when I was taking pictures of the lavender, I was breathing in the incredible scent of lavender outside in my own backyard and there is nothing like it, right next to the lavender is a small rosemary bush that I had planted early in the summer and that was mingling right in the air around me and it was heavenly. Lavender and rosemary, aromatherapy for the spirit, soothing and realxing.