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My hubby and I went to the movies today. First we went to Arby’s for my chocolate shake and our favorite, the classic roast beef sandwich and then off to the movies to see another fantasy movie that just came out onto the big screen; Mortal Instruments:City of Bones.

I had seen the books on bookshelves in various bookstores over the past few years, but for whatever reason, neither myself nor the baby girl ever picked up a copy. We read two of the Fallen series but never got to the Mortal Instrument series, oh well.

My hubby and I really liked the movie, we are partial to Lily Collins. We loved her in the Snow White movie, she is so adorable. And for some weird reason we like her even more being the daughter of Phil Collins, the drummer and singer of the band Genesis. I know that it’s weird but we can’t help it. Anyway, she was adorable in the movie.

The movie is pure fantasy with demons, the underworld of werewolves and vampires and shadow hunters. These shadow hunters are descendants of the drinkers from the chalice that an angel had blessed to help the humans in their battles against the demons. The heroine, Lily Collins, finds out that she is descended from a line of shadow hunters, slowly because her memory was blocked purposefully to keep her safe. I don’t want to give too much away. Essentially this is a movie based on the fight between light and shadow, power and selflessness, good versus evil and of course, what story, especially a good one, could ever be successful or loved without a grand love story.

So read the books or go see the movie, either way I am fairly sure that you will enjoy the story.