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I find it interesting that even as an adult, summer still feels kind of like a summer vacation and now that September is drawing on nigh, the need to get back to the usual routine is calling, a back to order if you will. This summer I went here and there; Boston, New York, Miami twice and now I think all the traveling will lessen, I think. Today was a good day to get back to the routine of cleaning up, dishes, laundry, sorting and folding and giving the various small gardens a good soaking, plus the usual cardio walks that Jack really needs.

It is a lot of fun to get away from the, by the time summer rolls around, monotonous everyday chores, but after a few months, it feels good to get back into the groove of whatever routine you abide by, at least I try to have a routine, it helps keep me grounded and calm. I have always had issues with anxiety and stress and my life lessons have taught me, that keeping my good habits near me and being constant are healthy and helpful ways that work in my favor.