You’re having a nightmare, and have to choose between three doors. Pick one, and tell us about what you find on the other side.

This sounds like a scene from one of those standard horror movies that I never watch. I have always made it a point to not watch scary movies because I never wanted to have nightmares, I didn't have one of those mothers who would be all soothing and comforting when I called out in terror, so I took it upon myself to not add any fuel to the fire. I also found a very effective coping mechanism if I ever woke up from a nightmare and couldn't fall back asleep, I painted the space in my mind white with a paint roller, a huge one until the very act of painting every scary image eventually put me to sleep and I didn't dream anything scary after that.

Whichever door that I opened, I would have it lead me to my small house at Le Canon, slightly offset from the street with a slightly wooded front yard so that I had a lot of privacy. The house would have a wrap around terrace, beautifully tiled with a long dining table and comfortable chairs, an outdoor barbecue and French doors leading into every room of the house. Both the front and back yards would be filled with lavender, rosemary bushes, thyme, sage and oregano mixed with other perennials. The air would be redolent of herbs and fragrances, it would be magnificent, just the aromas alone would soothe anyone away from a nightmare, aromatherapy is a powerful comforting tool. What a beautiful dream to wake up from and greet the day with, don't you think?

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