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Today, even though I was happy to be back home, I had the baby girl foremost in my thoughts. I’m still getting used to the idea of her being so far away. When I spoke to her, I could hear that everything was going well and she told me that she was meeting new people, she even met someone from Paris, France, she is having fun and I am very happy for that.

Now to the subject of the baby boy, my eldest; he was very happy to see his Maman. I could tell by his actions even more than by his words. He comes and sits with me and he tells me what is going on and we talk about what we have read lately or seen on t.v or at the movies. Quiet conversation is what we share.

Jack, the other baby, he reclaims his lap and that is how he lets me know that I was missed. He didn’t squeal for me when I got back but like always he squealed for his Papa. I don’t get it.

Come early afternoon, I made sure to get some vegetables from the local farm stand because I was in withdrawal of my vegetables. There is something about dining out that makes properly eating one’s vegetables somewhat difficult. The choices available on a menu are too tempting to be sure, so even though I may have been missing them, my appetite for fun food was going to be sated and it was, by golly. My baby girl and I found a nice Asian restaurant which served both Thai and Japanese cuisine and we went there twice, I ordered the noodle dishes and she had sushi. I normally eat vegetables everyday, so after several days of starch, today definitely warranted some good healthy vegetables.

I made a simple shredded carrot salad seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon juice and sunflower oil. That is the beauty of vegetables, they are delicious with little help from other ingredients. From the farm stand I bought zucchini, and that was very easily prepared as well, sautéed shallots, minced garlic, salt and pepper, at the last minute I added a little bit of tomato sauce and some parmesan cheese and voila.