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I’m on the road again, in the airport Miami International, sitting in a Starbucks, writing this at 6:02 in the morning waiting for one of my flights back north, back to my hubby, the baby boy and to Jack. The baby girl will be fine and she is now embarking on an exciting journey in a safe, intellectually challenging world that is the University, I am so happy for her and proud of her.

I am flying to Boston to meet my hubby and we will go home together. I figured that I would write this small missive now because who knows how I will feel after two stops and many hours later. I am flying to Tampa, changing planes and airlines (this could be a little crazy) and then flying to Newark, New Jersey, changing planes and then off to Logan airport in Boston. So my first plane leaves at 7:40 a.m and I finally get to my destination at 3:40 p.m. I will be tired and stale afterwards so I definitely think it best to get my words out while I am relatively fresh and awake at 6:08.

Starbucks has a great Banana Walnut bread, I highly recommend it. I was hoping for their peach, raspberry granola yogurt parfait but all they had was strawberry, blueberry and I am allergic to strawberries so that is why I opted for the Banana Walnut bread. I just looked up and caught a lady eating oatmeal, I had completely forgotten that Starbucks had oatmeal on their menu, I wish that I had been a little more awake when I had ordered, oatmeal is good for me, much healthier than the banana walnut bread but what can you do? It was really good.

Today is going to be a long day, not in a bad way just a long day. I can’t wait to see my hubby, our baby boy and of course Jack. I do miss my baby girl but she is about to have fun and learn a lot and that is what I need to remember and focus on, she is doing what is going to lead her to great things.