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Today was a marathon session of orientation for both the baby girl and I, albeit separately and we definitely got oriented, my head feels stuffed full of information, hopefully tonight while I sleep my little brain cells will be able to sort out all the good from the fluff. While my baby girl was being oriented, I like using the word slightly nonsensically, I took the time to walk around the campus using the trajectory that she will be using, going from the Cox Science building to the Dooley building and then straight to the Mahoney Dining hall and then the adjacent Residence hall just to have an idea of what her day will entail.

I then spent some time admiring all of the lizards that are everywhere, I love lizards. I also walked along the pathways going from fountain to fountain all the while dreading the moment that I would have to say good-bye. On a positive note, before the baby girl went off with her group to another session, I caught up with her at the ballroom where they had been directed to initially, I saw her in the middle of a group of girls and I saw her twinkling eyes. That was all that I needed to see to feel much better at last.

I was getting nervous before that sight because I didn’t want to leave her with nervous and anxious eyes, and seeing those twinkles in her hazel eyes lifted the huge load off my shoulders and my heart. When we said good bye, we hugged and hugged. She shed a tear or two while I said silly things to make her laugh and and be light-hearted. The silly things were also to help me keep the tears from squeezing out of my eyes, I wanted my baby girl to go to bed feeling happy and excited, not sad.