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Today the baby girl and I did some reconnoitering at the University of Miami campus. She wanted to get a better overview of the campus, especially the location of the two buildings that housed all of her classes; The Cox Science building and the Dooley building. We also walked over to the Eton Housing building to ask the Housing Department if they had any indication as to how long my baby girl would be staying at the Holiday Inn across the street. We spoke to a junior, who shared that last year he had been in the same situation and he only spent three days living at the hotel before they moved him into the upper class men dormitory. That brightened my baby girl right up because it isn’t easy living out of a suitcase and having a “permanent” living space is much more amenable to doing well in school and it is much less stressful.

We also took a taxi to Target down the road to get the remaining things that she needed for school; ink for her printer, paper, notebooks, a shower caddy and other miscellaneous items and we took a taxi back. I have to say that Miami could really stand to expand their Mass Transit system, if you don’t have a car, you are prey to hours upon hours of lost time waiting for buses. It isn’t laziness that deters you from taking the bus, it is the dread of spending over an hour and a half trying to travel 6 miles, the Metro rail is so short that it only serves a very small area.

When the baby girl and I checked into the hotel yesterday, I was informed that the hotel was booked solid as of today and that I would need to find other accommodations. I found another place down the road, closer to the airport which is handy for Wednesday morning when I fly back home, but I found out why the Holiday Inn is booked solid, previously I thought that it was due to the incoming freshmen, transfer students and their families. I was wrong, right before my taxi came to pick me up to bring me down the the Regency Hotel, a humongous tour bus pulled into the Holiday Inn and a HUGE tour group from either India or Pakistan came out of the bus and entered into the lobby. They are the ones who took over the hotel. I only wish that the group had been one person less, so that I could have stayed in my room not far from the baby girl, but who knows perhaps this is best. She is doing her own thing and I’m in my room doing my own thing and this is good preparation for Wednesday. This hotel is pretty nice for a boutique hotel.