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We are back in Miami and this time the baby girl will be staying and I will be going home alone, sniff, sniff. It is going to be so hard to get on the plane alone, leaving her here, multiple states away, no longer only just an hour and a half away east towards Boston. Our baby girl will be fine I know, I have so much confidence in her, this is all about me, my worrying, my mothering and wanting to keep the baby girl in the nest a while longer. This is when my reliance on taking deep breaths comes into play, she will be fine, deep breath, she will be happy, deep breath, she will feel at home, deep breath.

That is all that every parent wants for their child, to go forth and be confident, be independent and try new things. However we all worry about the things that are beyond our control, the X factors that you can’t predict. This is when the leap of faith and a test of our parental lessons are in the balance, and you wait and see how well you did and more often than not you will be very happily surprised.

I am looking forward to see how these next few days unfold, I know that we will have fun together and everything will be fine.