What is your worst quality?

My hubby says it's my "tete de mule" my mule-headedness. He said and I quote "in the twenty three years, the few times that I was wrong; I wouldn't admit to it and it makes me slow to say I am sorry" I asked my hubby for help with this one because I didn't feel like taking an inventory of my negative qualities again. And yes that was a swipe at Plinky for regurgitating a prompt way to quickly. I forget which negative quality I wrote about, but I would agree that I do have my moments of stubbornness. I don't know if I would call my occasional stubbornness a negative quality. Perhaps I am failing to see the distinction between stubbornness and tenacity. I will admit to being tenacious, I won't give up even when something proves to be difficult. I don't like to give up and I like the feeling that achieving my goals gives me. I will try to be more mindful of whether I am being needlessly stubborn or being rightfully tenacious.

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