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Good news on the health front. My gynecologist Dr. Wool, who I like a lot, grabbed me as soon as he saw me in the waiting room to let me know that all the lab results from my procedure, almost two weeks, came back benign. He also said that he wanted to take a look and see attitude regarding my hormone levels, he wants to see how my body is going to respond now that all the polyps have been removed. I said wonderful, let’s see what Mother Nature has to say and what she has in store for me for the next three months. I really like Doctor Wool, he likes to talk and he doesn’t rush you at all. He is also very easy to talk to, a great bedside manner and I feel very relaxed with him. I find myself telling him all about my past medical issues and he doesn’t brush me off, he actually listens with interest. Moreover when he comes into the room, he knows why I am there and doesn’t waste ten minutes reading my chart. In my opinion that is a huge plus, I have been to tons of doctors and there is nothing more disheartening than sitting there waiting for your doctor to reacquaint himself with you. If I were a doctor, I would read my patient’s history before they came into the room so that they would feel reassured that I know what is going on with their medical issues. You would think that this would be an obvious way to treat your patients, but it is a rarity in our medical reality. I am very happy with Doctor Wool and especially in the field of gynecology, that is a huge deal.