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We are back home with the babies, actual and canine. The baby boy and the baby girl took very good care of the house and Jack. I am not surprised, we are very lucky with our babies, they are quite sweet. Jack squealed for his Papa, he never squeals for me. I know that he is very happy to see me, but I don’t incite the squeals that my hubby does. He gets the whole big show, each time, without fail, it starts with Jack running around sniffing near the stove and the sink looking for mice and then running to his Papa, stopping and putting himself in his playful stance where he starts to squeal. Then the chase begins until they are nice and tired. I get the tail wag and his paws up on my legs with the big stretch and that is it. What I do is ask Jack if he wants to go for a walk with Maman and he goes to the door and sits. He is so cute.




Our two other babies were happy to see us, but were busy with their own social life which is fine, they are young and fancy free and that is how it should be, my hubby and I take, our missing of the children when they were younger, out on Jack. He gets a lot of our hugs and kisses. I don’t think that he minds.