Tell us about your hero.

My hero, well if a hero could be a place or thing then I would say that my hero was and still is, books and wherever I may find them. When I was young, my neighborhood library was my place of worship. I loved walking along the stacks and perusing all of the titles until I found one that intrigued me. If I wasn't at a library. then a bookstore where I would find a title and try to hide in a corner away from prying eyes to get a quick read to see if it was worth my precious dollars. Personally I always thought that every book was worth the purchase. but when you only have so many dollars you have to be very selective. It had to be worthy of quite of few rereads. Books no matter the subject were my heroes, they kept me company, took me on journeys and flights of fancy, gave me hope, made me laugh and made me cry. Books are the gateway to everything, I love books and without them I would be very sad indeed.

I remember watching the episode of "Twilight Zone" where Burgess Meredith wears very thick eyeglasses and the only thing that he loves in the world is reading, he gets locked in his banks' vault accidentally, a nuclear blast hits, he is the only survivor, he and his books. The paradise of it all, dawns on him and in his excitement he stumbles and breaks his glasses, the most nightmarish event that could ever occur. The quiet and solitude perfect for indulging in his most favorite past time and his glasses broken, the irony is cruel.

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