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My hubby recorded the movie “Two Days in New York” a week ago and we had just watched it on Sunday night, we loved it and it turns out that the baby boy had seen it as well and thought it to be excellent. French actress Julie Delpy wrote this as a sequel to “Two Days in Paris” which we hadn’t seen and in actuality you don’t have to see the first one to appreciate the second one, it stands alone beautifully as a film. Julie Delpy wrote the movie with comedian Chris Rock in mind to play her live-in boyfriend and they are raising their two children from previous relationships together and Julie Delpy being a photographer is having an exhibit of her art coming up so she invited her father and sister to New York to stay with them so that they can be present with her on her special day.

It was funny, touching, stressful, and a whole lot of fish out of water situations that showed the similarities and also the contrasts between the two cultures. Chris Rock and Julie Delpy made such a cute couple but what really struck me was everything about Julie Delpy as we read the credits at the end. She wrote it with her writing partner, the actress who payed her sister Rose, she directed it, she did the music and she acted in it. The amount of courage to show herself in these awkward situations, to play the neurotic French artist, the insecure sibling, the jilted ex-wife, the stressed out girlfriend and not to mention the fact that she is directing others and herself. Watching that movie and watching her filled me with a lot of admiration for who she is as a person, someone who risks knowing that she can fall flat on her face and still does it. She is amazing. I loved the movie, it spoke to me on so many levels, mainly the French/American dynamic but even more than that on a human level. People are different and yet the same no matter what their heritage. Shakespeare said it so well with Skylark “Do we not bleed….?”