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When all else fails you can always count on a frittata to please everyone. As long as you have garlic, some type of herbs and salt and pepper and of course at least 8 eggs, you can make a frittata work. However if you have other ingredients on hand then you are really going to have something delicious to serve. Tonight I asked the baby boy to go out back to gather a bunch of chives and on his own he rummaged a bit in the refrigerator and asked if prosciutto could be included, as a result I asked him if he minded chopping the chives and prosciutto while I was sautéing the shallots and the trio of peppers that needed to be used. The baby boy did a beautiful job and into the pan went the chives and prosciutto to meld with the caramelizing shallots, peppers and the many cloves of garlic that I had minced. I also found some basil leaves that I ribboned and added to the hodge-podge of ingredients in my oven proof pan. All that was left were the 10 eggs that I had beaten and seasoned with salt and pepper and in they went to join the vegetables, the proscuitto and the extra bacon that had been sauteed before. Once the bottom had set, into the 350 degrees the pan went and about 18 minutes later it was done. You know that it is done when the top doesn’t slosh when you shake the pan. It was very pretty when I inverted it onto the plate and according to the baby boy and my hubby it was yummy for their tummies.
I love frittatas.