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What bores you? Photographers, artists, poets: show us DULL.

What bores me, good question. I have to say that I am not a photographer, but I would be very interested to see what photographers would interpret through their pictures as dull. Anyway, that will be for me to find out, now back to my question. I am not easily bored. I never have been. My saving grace has always been reading and I will read anything to either learn something or to be entertained. I know that there is a saying that if you are intelligent you can’t be bored and I see the wisdom in those words. In effect they are saying that boredom is a choice and you can always find something to occupy your mind, your body or both if you like.

My own imagination keeps me from getting bored, I will think of my favorite soap opera, General Hospital, and rewrite a scene or try to imagine where the storyline is headed if I find myself sitting waiting on someone. I try to not do what I see everyone else around me do and that is to go instantly to my iPhone to entertain myself. I don’t know exactly why I choose to go old school with occupying myself, technology isn’t bad, but I like the way we used to entertain ourselves organically; with stories made up in our heads that didn’t need charged batteries or internet connections, the stories only needed brain connections to work, very self-sufficient if you ask me.