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I am way too tired these days, first I forgot to take my own pictures at my best friend’s wedding vow renewal and now I forgot to take pictures of blowing out candles and the birthday ice cream cake. My sister and my niece and nephew came up this evening to both celebrate my hubby’s birthday, it was yesterday, and my birthday, which is on Wednesday the 7th, and to take my baby girl along to the nearby 6 Flags Amusement Park so that my niece and nephew have a more contemporary roller coaster partner to accompany them on the rides.

I made a soupe aux poissons (fish soup) with croutons, a garlic mayonnaise and grated Swiss cheese on top, which everyone had and then we attacked the ice cream cake. I really enjoyed the interaction between my two old children and my niece and nephew because they are at the really fun ages of 10 and 6 where the imagination runs wild and every joke is a surprise. My two got a kick at trying to apply logic to what the younger ones were saying and I just sat back and laughed and laughed.

We were also getting to listen to my niece trying to convince my sister as to why they needed a dog. I have to say that Jack wasn’t on his best behavior. All these young people riled him up into a much more energetic dog than usual. He was jumping a bit on my nephew who doesn’t like it one bit so I kept having to remind Jack of his manners. My niece took Jack for a walk with my sister and I and she was pointing out at she would do this everyday if she had a dog. My poor sister, I remember not quite being on board for a dog, but that was a long, long time ago and a few dogs before Jack, so I can empathize with her hesitancy. It will all work out for the best for them and the potential dog in the near or far future.

I’m so happy that they are here.