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Today, the baby girl, her good friend, and I went to my best friend and my baby girl’s godmother, Debbie’s house to help her celebrate her wedding vow renewal to her husband who is my baby girl’s godfather as well. I was so happy to attend because I haven’t seen my Debbie in what feels like an eternity. The ceremony was beautiful, I would even venture to say more beautiful than the first time around. This time it is after ten whole years of actual marriage and not merely a promise. Moreover, the same gang bore witness today as did a decade ago. That also gave today a very special feel.

Ironically, I was tasked by Debbie to be the event photographer and she lent me her camera to take all the pictures and in all the excitement, I completely forgot to take my own pictures. I showed her the pictures and she was very happy so that is what matters. Sorry that I neglected to get pictures for myself and for my blog, perhaps Debbie will send me some pictures and I’ll be able to paste them in at a later date. Debbie was a beautiful bride once again, in a long summery dress of blue and white with a floral pattern very tastefully done. Her hair was loosely braided and tied up in a topknot with wispy tendrils framing her beautiful face. Jim her husband was in a polo shirt and shorts, he was just happy to be there amongst family, friends and his wife in their backyard with a definite big party to follow.

It was a very happy day for everyone all around.