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Write an anonymous letter to someone you’re jealous of.

I don’t think that I have been jealous of someone in a long time, if ever. Those who are prettier than I, smarter than I or richer than I, get my well wishes. I do not mean to come off as being superior in any way, that is really not my intention. I simply never wanted to be jealous, I never wanted to have something or achieve something at someone else’s expense. I always thought that it would diminish me and make me less somehow. I wanted anything that came my way, to have come organically from me. If I wasted my energy being jealous of others, I wouldn’t have much energy or time to do much for myself.

I had my share of teasing and bullying in elementary school and high school for everything from my looks to my book smarts, but instead of projecting any sadness or anger outwards, I internalized it and those feelings of anger and sadness had their focus on me and the things that were wrong with me.

All of this, after rereading what I had written is all about me and that’s okay.