If you had the opportunity to live a nomadic life, traveling from place to place, would you do it? Do you need a home base? What makes a place “home” to you?

For the past two weeks I have been living out of a traveling bag, spending time on the road with my hubby, and it has been very nice. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, that was precisely what I lived for; the open road and that sense of adventure, never being pinned down for longer than a school year. However when you start work, marriage and a family, the roots that develop keep you anchored and I found that to be a wonderful thing as well.

Now that the babies are grown and starting their own adventures, I see that the nomadic life has once again shown its appeal, the only thing that could get in the way is the latest addition to our family, little Jack, a nomadic life doesn't always agree with a dog but we shall see. Hotels are coming around towards accepting small dogs and Jack is so cute that everyone falls in love with him. So I think that my hubby and I will be spending much more time together going back and forth from one side of the state to the other. On the Road Again, one of my favorite Willie Nelson songs ever.

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