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My hubby asked me to take pictures of his father and his mother so that we could send it to our cousins. His father had so much charisma, I never had the pleasure of meeting him, he passed away suddenly, all too soon when my hubby was in his early teens, but through pictures and family stories, I have a wonderful image of him in my mind and I know without a doubt that we would have gotten along famously. He was a brilliant trumpet player who started playing professionally at a very young age. Moreover at the tender age of 17 he played for the Glen Miller Air Force Band as the lead trumpet player. He was in Europe playing for the troops during World War II and then after the war back in the States, he played with the band Sauder & Finnegan. We are so very lucky that we can listen to his music on records and even watch him perform on Youtube. I know that it isn’t the same as having him with us, but I will take whatever I can get.