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On our way back from Boston, my hubby and I met the baby girl at the movie theater to go see The Wolverine. I love Hugh Jackman, he is wonderful and he was excellent as usual as Wolverine. We enjoyed The Wolverine a lot but my hubby felt that there were a few pieces (the stressful parts) that didn’t fit together as they should have. I understand his concerns with the logical progression on Wolverine’s abilities and powers but since it is all make belief, I tend to let it go and simply enjoy the journey into fantasy land. The most important part for me is that the movie wants you to root for The Wolverine at all costs and that is precisely what we did together as a family during the movie. Even later at dinner at the Olive Garden we talked about Wolverine and the parts during the movie where we were scared for him and worried for him. We also talked about how much we didn’t like the villains and how icky they were.

Anyone who is a Wolverine fan will be impressed with Hugh Jackman’s performance, he doesn’t disappoint at all and the story is a goof flight of imagination.