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As I was reading the news for the past few days, the focus was on two topics, topics diametrically opposed to each other; one was an extremely happy event, the birth of the Royal Prince, (hello Prince George!) and the other the most embarrassing political scandal once again perpetrated by former congressman Anthony Wiener, who is currently running for Mayor of New York City. He resigned in 2011 because he was caught on social media via Twitter with literally, his pants down; he was sending pictures of himself in his boxer briefs to young ladies who weren’t his wife. He admitted he had a problem after he tried to deny it at first and then resigned to go work on himself and his marriage. Fast forward to a few months ago when he announced his running for Mayor of New York City and it appeared that all was forgiven and he was given a second chance until now. He apparently never got the help that he so desperately needed, he instead, continued sending lewd photos of himself and this time without the boxer briefs and he isn’t stepping away from the race. It is so embarrassing for New Yorkers, it is embarrassing for his wife and for his friends and family. The oppositional nature of these two events is mind boggling, on one hand we have such a wonderful sharing through social media of the birth of a beautiful baby boy who happens to be the third in line of the throne of England and on the other hand, again through the lens of social media, we have the manifestation of a sick addiction of a politician, who cannot seem to admit that he has a serious problem and is letting his ego hurt the woman in his life, who is his wife and partner. Unbelievable how social media can be both a wonderful platform and a horrible platform, depending solely on the person sharing whatever content they so choose at any given moment.