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Movie day of the weekend and we were so looking forward to Red 2 since we loved Red so much. We also absolutely look forward to seeing the new previews and there were two intriguing previews, funny enough cast with our favorite older actors; Last Vegas with Michael Douglas, Robert DeNiro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline and I forget the title of the movie, but it involves Sylvester Stallone being a professional prison out-breaker and he gets conned into trying to break out of the most secure prison in the world and oops he gets stuck. Did I mention that Arnold Scharzenegger is also in the movie and is one of the prison mates? It seemed intriguing.

When I said funny enough, I just meant that it seemed apropos that the previews match the cast of the movie we were seeing, older action stars showing the younger generation just exactly the way it is done. These are all feel good movies, in my opinion. If Helen Mirren can blow away the bad guys and still look sexy and elegant while doing it, I feel pretty good about being almost 46 years old. Crazy thought I know but what can I say, seeing Bruce Willis, John Malcovich, Helen Mirren and the adorable Mary-Louis Parker run circles around the bad guys puts a smile on my face. I also adored the scenes in Paris, you see the beautiful architecture and just the feel of Paris all around. We laughed, jumped, gasped and sighed, we loved it.