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My hubby and I are back home and our little Jack is so happy to see me that he has been at my side continuously since I walked in the door. He loves his papa but with me, we have a special Maman and baby bond, so he has either been on my lap, sitting next to me or lying next to me licking my feet. He thinks that licking my feet is his primary job, when I am home with him, he takes care of my feet every night, it is part of his going to sleep ritual; first he crawls underneath the covers, licks my feet for what seems to be forever and then he curls up and goes to sleep right next to me. I am so lucky that I sleep like the dead because Jack can be stifling, at least that is what my baby girl says each time that she tries to sleep with Jack, but I never feel it. I sometimes wonder how he sleeps, because I am sure that he must get pushed around and squished at various points during the night, I know that I must turn from time to time, but every morning when I open my eyes, Jack is right there waiting for me to wake up, his cute little face near mine.




These pictures are showing Jack at work, taking care of his Maman. He is such a little lover, the little lamb.