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Since I have been staying with my hubby, I haven’t had much opportunity to do much walking. I love walking and when I go without it for even a day, I start to get stressed about it and it makes me feel heavy and I start feeling down on myself. So while my hubby and my mother were out, I decided to, despite the heat, walk down to Astoria Park and across the entire park, back up to the entrance of the park and back to my mother’s house. It was a good 40 minute walk, I was sweaty beyond imagination but I felt infinitely better. I essentially walked and sweated away my dour mood. It is amazing how a good, brisk walk can alter your brain chemistry and make you feel so much better.

On the way across the park, I walked along the East River and underneath the Triborough Bridge and Hell’s Gate Bridge and there was where I took my pictures. I spent so many days hanging out in Astoria Park right by the river when I was growing up. It was the place to be if you were a teenager and if you were a young adult with a cool car, then this was definitely the place to show off your wheels. Many memories came flooding back during my walk and it is nice to see that the park is still so nice and a haven for families and young people, they were everywhere while I was walking; laid out on the grass sunbathing, watching speed boats going back and forth near the river, children playing at the playground and tons of people taking advantage of the huge pool and the sprinklers in the heart of Astoria Park.

It is a great feeling to see a place from your youth still be appreciated and be kept up so that it is still a great place in the present day, instead of being condemned to “in the olden days this was such a great place” which unfortunately seems to happen way too easily. Here are my pictures.