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My hubby and I are spending all this week together; partly in Boston and in New York. His projects take him here and there and I follow. The babies, all three of them are at home, taking care of each other and making use of the pool because the entire northeast is under a heat wave advisory. This week we are seeing temperatures in the mid nineties and high humidity. We’ll be home Thursday afternoon, I can’t wait because I miss the babies and my house. I love being with my hubby, but it is difficult living out of a bag and knowing that there are things to be done at home, things to do for the pool and things to do in the garden.

It is fun however playing hooky away from home. My day is very quiet while my hubby is at work and I am alone reading, writing and walking where ever I find myself. I love walking in Boston and in New York, there is always something to see.




I don’t know why I took these pictures, I just pointed my cell phone and clicked. There were plants, nice architecture and blue sky involved; all good things.