This made me smile. I hope that it makes you smile as well. 🙂

Diamond Mike Watson

Many words rhyme with purple
Like durple, turple and magurple
I pour a slurple
Take a glurple
Pardon me, I made a burple

Chicks go chirple
Snakes go sshnurple
My friends are Wurple and Nurple
Ever see a flying flurple?

Hurple, skurple,
To hobble is to hirple
Everyone has made a blurple
(Let’s not forget my Uncle Urple)

Mine and yourpel
His and herpel
It’s time to feed my little gerpel

I am certainly shurple
I love drizzling murple
On delicious hot klurple

Although there is no such word as zurple
Many words rhyme with purple

Copyright 2013 Diamond Mike Watson

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