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If the world worked on a barter system, how would you fare? Would you have services to barter? Would you be successful, or would you struggle?

I am going to be tooting my own horn, but I really do think that I would fare very well living within a barter system society. I would be baking and bartering my baked goods for fruits, vegetables and the necessary ingredients to continue baking. I would be bartering my palmier cookies, banana walnut bread, cheesecakes, flans, cream puffs, finanacier cakes, madeleines, canneles cakes and tartes. The beauty of it would be that I wouldn’t have to work the crazy long hours that a traditional bakers does day in and day out. I would be able to tailor my baking to meet my need to rest fairly often. It would also be a very therapeutic form of fulfillment for me, I would actively see how far the value of my work and products go towards supporting my family and I. I see it as therapeutic because there is a lot of joy that goes into baking, all the creativity and the love that blends together to provide others a delectable morsel of goodness, it is wonderful therapy.

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