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I often wonder if the dog breeders of long ago purposefully bred hunting dogs to always be hungry so that they would be extra keen on looking for prey. Jack gets a healthy portion of his food, but the minute that anything related to food is introduced to a pot or a pan, there will you find Jack, wagging his tail, often under foot, near the stove top. His little nostrils going a mile a minute, taking in the various smells swirling around in the air.

Jack’s ears have even gotten attuned to the rustle of potato chip bags and the sound of the opening of any type of bag that might contain a snack. Late at night when Jack is under the covers, sleeping at my feet, if my hubby opens a bag of pistachios or a box of crackers, you see the covers start to move and a little body crawling his way up top and the nose emerges first, al a quiver, in anticipation of something good to munch on, the little piglet.




We are back in New York at my mother’s house and we went out to dinner together; my mother, the baby girl, my hubby and myself, the baby boy had to stay home to work. We went to a nice Thai restaurant two streets over called Bangkok Tasty. The restaurant lived up to its name; we enjoyed our appetizers, two different types of spring rolls and edamame. The main courses were delicious as well. The only complaint was the dessert that my hubby and I were going to share, Thai pumpkin custard. It wasn’t very good and visually it was most unappealing. You can see the picture of the remnants, it is definitely not very pretty, yet I ate it anyway, the taste more or less grew on me and it had chunks of pumpkin, which is good for you. The baby girl and my mother shared fried ice cream, you can’t mess that up. They liked it a lot, as you can also see from the little that is left in the pretty red plate. When we got home, I made a beeline for Jack and took him for a long walk, he is properly tuckered out now.